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Quick investments (pvt) ltd, 160/d, dampe, meegoda, homagama, sri lanka.

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As soon as your contract period is over, you can get your deposit. (see my balance)

You log into the webpage and go to the dashboard, It has my balance.

In order to encourage you, if you advertise our service, you will receive referral (referral) bonuses. Your referral will receive our membership and you will receive an additional 5% request for your membership packages. You can go to your account referral and get the link or referral link you own.

Anyone who is currently with this service can join this service by clicking on the link or by joining our website now.

The answer is simple. Enter some of your information and most importantly the email address and mobile phone number in our registration form.

Log in to the web page and go to the dashboard and transfer money clerk and then enter the email address of the person to whom money is to be sent and enter the amount to be sent and the money clerk to transfer.

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